Know What a QR Code is? It’s Like a Barcode on Steroids. Explode Can Explode Your Local Business

As I was sitting in Ihop this morning, eating my regular… 2 eggs, 2 bacon, 2 pancake meal… Or as the locals like to call it… the 2×2×2…

I noticed this promotion sitting on my table…
Look at the bottom left… See the picture image that looks like one of those 3D images you could never see… lol

This is a QR code…

What is a QR code you might ask? You did, right? : )

QR codes are similar to the barcodes you see in the supermarket and retail outlets. They track inventory and store price information. The key difference between the two is the amount of data they can hold or share.

Bar codes are linear one-dimensional codes and can only hold about 120 numerical digits, whereas QR codes are two-dimensional (2D) matrix barcodes that can hold thousands of alphanumeric characters of information. Their ability to hold more information and their ease of use makes them ideal for small businesses.


When you scan or read a QR code with an iPhone, Android or other camera- enabled Smartphone, you can do lots of things like:

Link to digital content on the web (That’s what this one did… It took me straight to home page… Another better place to have taken me was a sign up for mobile marketing and to give me a discount to sign up… but that’s for another time)

Send an e-mail or SMS directly to the users phone

Connect the mobile device to a web browser

Send a phone number with one touch dialing capability

Send you contact information to the user to be stored instantly
ANY of these functions are easily achieved with a QR code.
Is your Georgia Local Business using these? Start today… You’ll love it.


Here’s some facts for you:

FACT: 2010 saw a 1600% increase in number of QR Codes scanned.

FACT: On average, a unique user scans 2-3 barcodes per month.

FACT: 48 percent of mobile device owners surveyed made a purchase via their mobile phone.

Let me say that last one again… just in case it slipped by you…
48 percent of mobile device owners surveyed made a purchase via their mobile phone… Hmmmm…. Think this could gain you more customers?

The mobile barcode continues to evolve rapidly!
Get with us and we’ll show you how to use it in your business… Georgia Mobile Marketing

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