Success Stories

Trey, I’ve been so busy that I haven’t taken the time to tell you, thank you. Using you to help me place on the first page of Google has increased my business enough that I have had to add a new employee just to keep up with the workload. It is without exaggeration to say that you have been the best investment I’ve ever made. THANK YOU!

– Antonio Martin, CEO Athens Professional Septic & Drain


Trey, let’s just say, we were at a loss for how to get more traffic to our business. At the time, we were spending $1800 a month on a yellow page ad… Now I know that the yellow pages are dying out and that’s not the way to ready potential customers anymore. Did I mention we can only track TWO sales to that ad… the entire year?
I knew what wasn’t working… but didn’t know what else could work. A friend in town had heard about you and we partnered with you.
Now with your help, our website is #1 for our main service in Columbus… Our phone is ringing again and we just locked down a large contract with the local government… and it started with them finding us on Google. Let’s just say, we are very pleased with your marketing. Come see me soon.

– Brad Jordan, CEO JordanRoofing




Before choosing Georgia Local Marketing, I was lucky if I was getting 7 hits a day from organic traffic on 1-2 keywords. With your help, I can be found on the front page with 10 different search terms… Now, I am on the front page with all 10 terms and my “pretty” site is getting the traffic I’d hoped for. Now, I’m getting around 75 visitors a day and making sales…

I’m really happy with the results and your communication. Keeping me up to date was a big deal and you knew that… It was so nice to work with a real person, especially a LOCAL guy. Not only do you know your stuff, but you were easy to reach when I needed you. Tks Trey.

– Casie, CasieByDesign


Trey, THANK YOU! In less than two weeks after working with you, I was on the front page of Google and then I got my first order today and it was enough money to pay for your services for the entire year. Look forward to a long relationship.

– Charmaine, C & C Janitorial Services



One month ago, my website was non-existent on the internet. You would have had to look for me by name to locate me. Today I noticed I am #1 for the keywords that I wanted. Thank you Trey. You are the Google Guru.

– Edwin, Hammond Video


Trey and the team at Georgia Local Marketing have worked with us to update our website in last few weeks. They have been there every step of the way. Trey was not happy with just wanting us to rank on the first page but wanted our website to represent the real US when customers arrived on the site. In three short weeks we have a #1 ranking on Google- out of 4 million competitors!

– Doug, WaterFilterGuy